Vilsack Croons Hillary's 'Change' Chorus

December 18th, 2007 1:34 PM - Media Research CenterAs noted here, Chris Matthews yesterday named former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack a member of Hillary's "eunuchs chorus," people he derided for "saying whatever the Clinton people told them to say." Today, Matthews might be claiming vindication. In an MSNBC interview with Andrea Mitchell, Vilsack parroted Hillary's word-'o-the-week--"change"--no fewer than eight times.

View the edited video clip of Vilsack crooning Hillary's "Change Chorus" here.
  • This election, Andrea, is about change. Some folks hope for it [official Clinton campaign swipe at Obama], some people demand it [ditto re Edwards].
  • I think Senator Clinton is trying to make the case that she'll work for change, the change that Americans want, Iowans want.
  • That's what this election is ultimately to going to be decided on. Who is the person best experienced and best able to effect the change that Iowans and Americans want.
  • She has been talking about change. She's been talking about the ready to lead, ready to change.
  • It is very clear this country wants change. They want significant change.
It was enough to make a guy want to, um, switch the channel.