NBC's Eco-Activism Tackles Football

There's nowhere to hide from NBC's omnipresent "Green Week," of which NB readers are sure to be hearing plenty in coming days. NBC's eco-activism even made its way into what you'd normally hope would be a refuge from MSM politics: football.

"Green Week" reared its head during NBC's broadcast of last night's NFL game between Dallas and Philadelphia, played in the City of Brotherly Love.

AL MICHAELS: Tonight kicks off "Green Week" on all the NBC-Universal media properties and shows, an effort to create awareness to better the environment. The Eagles pretty much taking the lead in that area; their building in downtown Philly lighted in green, the "Go Green" initiative here led by Christina Lurie, the wife of the owner of the Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie.

That's when the screen displayed the Eagles' earth-friendly beverage cup shown here. Surely Eagle fans, hurling their beverages in the direction of their hapless team at the end of its 38-17 beatdown by the Cowboys, were keenly comforted to know that the cup "is made from corn, environmentally sustainable and 100% compostable."

Note: Jeff Lurie is a maxed-out donor to Hillary's primary and general election campaigns, and has contributed to a host of other Dem causes. Christina Laurie is also a generous Dem donor, contributing as well to the Soros-funded Americans Coming Together.

Bonus Coverage: As Bryan at Hot Air has noted , things got even worse:

As a pointless, self-serving enviro gimmick, NBC doused the studio lights during last night’s Cowboys/Eagles rout. Broadcasting in the dark did serve at least one useful purpose — we literally saw less of Keith Olbermann. But other than that, it was idiotic.

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