Ann Curry's Snide Little Shot on Iraq

"Today" newsreader Ann Curry managed to work a snide and not-so-subtle shot at President Bush into her news recap this morning.

ANN CURRY: The U.S. military is reporting that seven U.S. troops were killed on Thursday, four Marines in fighting in Anbar Province, where President Bush hailed gains in security this week, and three soldiers who died in a roadside bombing in northern Iraq. Their deaths bring the U.S. toll to 3,750 since the war began.

Yes, Ann, the war is not over in al-Anbar and elsewhere in Iraq. Marines and other members of our military continue to make heroic sacrifices. That they do should be honored, not exploited as a means of taking a potshot at the Commander-in-Chief.

And by the way, Ms. Curry. It's not just Pres. Bush who has "hailed gains" in Anbar. People from Dick Durbin, to Hillary Clinton, to your old "Today" chum Katie Couric have acknowledged that fact.

Mark was in al-Anbar in November.

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