MSNBC's Tamron Hall: I've Participated in Events for NOW

August 28th, 2007 6:43 AM

Last week, as noted here, Tamron Hall mentioned that "Us Weekly" aside, her main news source is the New York Times. Two days earlier, Hall had defended CNN's "God's Warriors" by suggesting that Christian and Jewish groups could be the next to turn violent. Today comes further evidence of Hall's liberal leanings, as the MSNBCer spoke openly of her participation in events on behalf of the National Organization for Women.

The disclosure came on today's "Morning Joe" at 6:09 A.M. EDT. Host Joe Scarborough, discussing the Michael Vick case, suggested that whereas there has been tremendous media focus on the dogfighting charges, allegations that pro athletes abuse women don't get as much attention.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The next time an NFL player beats the hell out of a woman, or allegedly rapes a woman, or an NBA player allegedly rapes a woman, or beats the hell out of a woman, I want to see all those people who were out there defending these dogs doing the same thing for these women, who were abused.
That's when Hall made her statement.
TAMRON HALL: I think people agree with you, and I've heard that time and time again. It's not to diminish what Michael Vick has done. He stood up in front of the cameras, with his mother, embarrassed and humiliated, and took responsibility. But I am curious. As a woman, as a person who has participated in events for the National Organization for Women, as a woman who has participated in charity events for the education of abuse victims, I want to see what happens the next time a guy socks his girlfriend.

View video here.

Earlier, Tamron had shared the sad and shocking fact that her own sister had been murdered, the sister's boyfriend having been charged with the crime. It is understandable and admirable that Hall would want to work on issues of domestic abuse. That she chose NOW as the outlet for her good works is, nevertheless, indicative of her political orientation.