Peter Gammons, Point of Light: Up to Us Who Don't Believe in Big Government to Help Others

As we have documented here more than once, liberal bias has a way of working its way into all nooks and crannies of the MSM, including sports reporting. That made it particularly refreshing to hear renowned sports journalist Peter Gammons take a stand today for small government and private philanthropy.

Gammons, whose main ESPN beat is baseball, and who was honored at the Hall of Fame in 2005, was a guest on today's "Morning Joe." After discussing some of the negative news surrounding sports these days, including the dogfighting indictment of Michael Vick and the Jose Offerman bat attack, talk turned to more positive developments. Host Joe Scarborough asked Gammons about his work on behalf of the "Foundation to be Named Later," a charity formed by Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein and his brother Paul that, as described by Wikipedia, raises funds and awareness for non-profit agencies serving disadvantaged youth in the Greater Boston area.

Gammons then made this observation.

PETER GAMMONS: For those of us who believe that we can't be asking government to run programs left and right, it's up to us to do things for people a lot less fortunate than we are.

Good on Gammons. You might say, Peter Gammons: Point of Light.

Note: While interested in helping the unfortunate, Gammons has overcome significant misfortune of his own, returning to work after overcoming a serious health challenge.

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