Alterman The Angry: America Country of Idiots, Thinking People Hate Bush, And More

How out there is Eric Alterman? MSNBC, the network of Keith Olbermann, he who has accused Pres. Bush of fascism and called for his impeachment - fired him, presumably for being too extreme.

But not to worry, Alterman's column, 'Altercation,' was promptly picked up by David Brock's Media Matters. For my sins I recently subscribed to the column's email list. Reading through this evening's edition, one thing emerges: Eric Alterman is one angry guy. In the course of one mere column, Alterman vents his bile in these diverse directions:

  • "This notion of a leftist alliance with Islamic radicals is often trumpeted by crazy people like [David] Horowitz."
  • "Virtually the entire world -- at least the part that's paying attention [hates Pres. Bush]."
  • The editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal represent "intellectual contamination" that have made them "a sorry joke."
  • "Jeff Greenfield is insane."
  • "In smart countries . . . CNN International is not pitched toward idiots, like our CNN is."
  • A Michael Kinsley column "is so bad it could have been written by Charles Krauthammer."

I don't know who did what to Alterman. But his anger burns so brightly that it blots out his substance, rendering it a virtual afterthought.

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