Chris Rock Beware? Jesse Jackson Fighting To 'Prohibit' Public Use of N-Word [Video]

November 25th, 2006 8:13 AM

Anyone who tunes into late-night comedy shows knows that many black comedians utter the n-word with rapid-fire frequency. Perhaps Michael Richards mistakenly thought that what was sauce for the goose was sauce for the white gander. In any case, in a Today show appearance this morning, Jesse Jackson declared that he would be working to "prohibit" the use of the word. He didn't offer specifics, but one question naturally arises. Would Jackson's n-word ban begin where the word is most frequently in use - the black community?

Interviewed by weekend host Lester Holt [one of my MSM favorites for his level-headedness, I might add] on the Michael Richards mess, Jackson floated his proposal in these terms:

"I might add that we're really going to begin to fight to prohibit that word in public usage as hate language."

See video here.

The word is vile. But just wondering on which version of the First Amendment Jackson relies in his quest to ban offensive language? And will he indeed take his fight to Def Comedy Jam?

Aside: Jackson somehow managed to use the issue to take a swipe at Republicans: "Even as I look at this comedian who had this meltdown, you [media] guys are giving a free ride on Trent Lott, who has power."

Holt: "You're putting them [Republicans] in the same category as Michael Richards and the language he said?"

Jackson: "Absolutely."

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