Gadzooks! Gabler Gouges McGreevey As 'Shameless, Disgusting'

September 24th, 2006 7:02 AM

Summer's over, but it's still way too warm for hell to freeze over.  And yet . . .

The usually reliably liberal Neal Gabler has lambasted Jim McGreevey for his more-than-we-needed-to-know confessions about his homosexuality.  Even more shockingly, Gabler singled out Sean Hannity for praise for conducting the toughest interview of the Oprahfied former governor.

On last evening's Fox News Watch, there was unanimity from right to left that McGreevey's book, 'The Confession', and his media blitz to promote it, was an unseemly undertaking in which his family paid the price while he basked in the limelight - and cashed large checks for advances and royalties.

Gabler's fellow liberal Jane Hall was not in a forgiving mood.  She let it be known that had she been in Oprah's audience, she would not have been applauding.  She noted the pain McGreevey had caused his wife and the "corrupt way" in which he put his alleged lover in office.  When Hall spoke disparagingly of McGreevey's "coming of age," Gabler chimed in sarcastically about McGreevey's supposed "courage."

Conservative columnist Jim Pinkerton observed that the "ritual of victimhood" becomes increasingly absurd as the supposed victims become "less and less sympathetic," noting that McGreevey had bamboozled not one but two wives.

Gabler later got off his line of the night, stating:

"What he did was shameless, it was disgusting, and - hold onto your seats - Sean Hannity gave the best interview by nailing him [unfortunate choice of words] and asking about how he treated his wife."

In mock shock, host Eric Burns clung to his seat for dear life, as a laughing Gabler let it be known we shouldn't expect a repeat performance anytime soon: "this is the last time I say anything nice about Sean Hannity."

With thanks and a big Hat Tip to Ms Underestimated, video now available here.