Savage Attack: Globe Writer Accuses W of 'Terrorizing' Americans

September 15th, 2006 3:23 PM

The Boston Globe refers to Charlie Savage as a "staff writer."  But judging by the hyper-partisan comments he made on Fox News Channel this afternoon, Savage belongs over on the opinion page.

Interviewed with two other legal reporters by FNC's Martha MacCallum, Savage took these shots at President Bush and his fellow Republicans:

  • President Bush is "terrorizing" Americans with the terrorism issue for political gain.
  • Speaking of the current rift between the president and Sen. McCain over interrogation rules for suspected terrorists, Savage snidely observed that McCain had been a POW in Vietnam while Bush spent the war "back in Texas."
  • When talk turned to the tactics to be used in the current congressional campaign, Savage portrayed Republicans as those slinging the dirt, with Democrats trying to stay above the fray. He asserted that the national Republican line will be "vote Democrat and die," while Republicans will also use their "huge campaign chest" to go after individual Democrats and "dig up dirt on them."  He continued: "The Democrats are going to have to face a choice of how to respond to that. . . It's going to be very hard for individual [Dem] candidates not to respond in kind."

Move over, Derrick Z: make room for Charlie!

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