Israel's Military Strategy Not Good Enough for 'Gen.' Brian Williams

July 18th, 2006 9:37 AM

I don't know about you, but whenever I have to choose whose military strategy to rely on - the Israeli IDF's or a member of the MSM - I'm going to go with the American media guy every time - particularly when the fellow in question is NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams. After all, what battles or wars has Israel ever won? In contrast, those fraternity parties back at Catholic University were an absolute minefield, not to mention the internecine battle scars Brian earned while working in Jimmy Carter's White House.

So it was that I listened with rapt attention to Brian's report from Tel Aviv this morning, and learned - to my horror - that the Israeli battle plan didn't meet muster with General Williams.

Matt Lauer put the question to Williams: "This has clearly gone beyond the kidnapping of some Israeli soldiers. Israel is trying to dismantle Hezbollah. You spoke to an Israeli army general and the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak. How far are they willing to take this?"

Williams: "I was asking them that question. How can you dismantle Hezbollah by just these air strikes? Let's say they're correct that these Katyusha rockets are being housed in private homes throughout southern Lebanon. They have blown some up already. But without a ground invasion -- and yes, they are calling up reserves, but we have not seen a massing of an armored mechanized division -- which is what it would take, do you really hope to eradicate Hezbollah? They don't have a good answer. Martin [Fletcher] was right on. This military campaign will continue as is as long as they think they have the de facto permission of the Americans. It's not clear, though, what end game is."

Troubling, very troubling. Perhaps NBC would be willing to second Brian to the IDF, only for as long as it takes him to roll up Hezbollah. Then again, if NBC could spare him for just a few more weeks, Williams could likely clean out the insurgents' rats-nest in Iraq and put Ahmadinejad back in his box for good.

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