Couric: Breaking The Law Is "The Way This White House Possibly Operates"

Does the MSM sense blood in the Bush administration water? That seems to be the case, judging from the breathtaking accusation that Katie Couric just leveled at it.

The context was Couric's interview of Chris Matthews on the subject of the investigation by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald into possible leaks in the Valerie Plame affair.

Matthews was hostile enough, musing whether the Bush administration "in defending themselves against the charge we went to war for a corrupt or bogus reason, that there wasn't any weaponry, a deal with nuclear weapons, did they break the law?"

But even that was insufficiently venomous for Katie's taste. She cut Matthews off peremptorily, interjecting:

"Yeah, and Chris isn't it more than just Iraq, doesn't it speak about the way this White House possibly operates?" Couric risibly sought a fig leaf of cover from what was clearly her own opinion by tacking on at the end of her question "in the minds of some."

Matthews, perhaps shocked at the scope of Couric's charge, turned the matter back to the specific question at hand - whether the Bush administration, in seeking to discredit Joe Wilson, broke the law.

But just in case there were any doubts, now we know: Katie Couric, the most widely-watched, most powerful morning talk show host in America, views President Bush as heading a rogue administration whose modus operandi is to break the law. Stunning.

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