'Knight Rider' Rides Again-- This Time Fights Military Contractors

UPDATE BELOW: See the the new KITT

Who's Hollywood's latest Big Bad Villain? Private military contractors--giving rise to a new version of Derangement Syndrome: Blackwater Derangement Syndrome or BwDS.

Echoing lefty rage at Blackwater, TV shows from “Boston Legal” to “Jericho” have turned contractors into the bad guys.

NBC's upcoming two-hour movie/backdoor pilot “Knight Rider” is no different, but this time Michael Knight and KITT the talking car are "counteracting and preventing the damage done by private, covert military contractors.”

According to the November 29 Hollywood Reporter, television's latest venture into contractor bashing is this sequel to the campy '80s David Hasselhoff show. In the new movie, Michael Knight's son Mike Tracer (what, was Mike Gunn or Mike Bullitt too obvious? Was Mike Stone not manly enough?) is now driving KITT and fighting the real threat to the world—private military contractors (bold mine):

Tracer is recruited by his childhood best friend, Sarah Graiman (Deanna Russo), and her eccentric physicist father, Charles (Davison), to join the Knight Foundation, a group committed to counteracting and preventing the damage done by private, covert military contractors.

To assist their missions, Charles creates the second-generation KITT, an artificially intelligent car.

A shady millionaire approaches Charles to commission a KITT car, and when Charles refuses, he hires a military contractor to murder him and steal the car.

The Hasselhoff-era Knight Foundation was committed to fighting terrorists, nuclear Armageddon and even indestructible 18 wheelers, but the new Knight Foundation will zero in on the “damage done” by those super duper evil “private, covert military contractors.” Sure, that makes sense.

Get used to this storyline. It will become more and more popular because of the BwDS bias in Hollywood and because it allows for an enemy that won't protest or accuse anyone of intolerance. No matter how unrealistic, contractors will become the stand-ins for the real threats to America and the rest of the world.

Since the real private military contractors like Blackwater USA combat terrorism and protect people from terrorists, will KITT and Mike Tracer team up with Al Qaeda in Iraq (what's left of them) or Abu Saayaf to capture those evil contractors?

It's clear that Hollywood has a better opinion of actual terrorists than private military contractors. The funny thing is that companies like Blackwater also train the same kind of law enforcement and security personnel that the studios and stars employ. In fact, former private military contractors even work security in Hollywood.

Hey! Maybe the “Knight Rider” team can look for those nefarious contractors in a studio backlot.


UPDATE 10:15: Want to see the new KITT? Goodbye Firebird. It's a Shelby GT500KR.

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