Vogue: Biden Vice President

Has the election already taken place? No? Then somebody should tell Vogue. They’ve already declared Joe Biden as vice president.

A headline on the cover and for the corresponding feature story reads, “All the Vice President’s Women," referring to what the style magazine calls “four generations of Biden beauties.”

I agree the Biden women are beauties; I disagree Joe Biden is vice president (picture courtesy Vogue).

Biden may be vice president according to Vogue, but reporter Jonathan Van Meter inserts an Obama-Biden talking point anyway into the story, claiming that the Bidens “are about as typical a middle-class American family as they come.”

Few, if any, middle class families can afford to run for local office, much less national office. Yet the reporter insists the Bidens are just like everybody else.

“They may live in a big house in a fancy neighborhood, but, as evidenced by ten years of recently released tax returns, they are mortgaged to the hilt and have no savings – just like the rest of the country.”

Right, people in the middle class live in big houses in fancy neighborhoods. Calling the Bidens middle class is a stretch by any economical scale, but doing so to pull voters his way wasn’t really necessary; Vogue’s already appointed him vice president.

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