East Coast Bias Tilting Katrina Coverage?

September 1st, 2005 8:56 AM

Columnist Matt Towery, writing today on townhall.com, lays out a compelling – and, once you see the time line, plainly true – case that Big Media, stuck in its Eastern coastal elite attitudes, failed to provide anything like proper coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

"…If New York City were underwater, and thousands were presumed dead with countless others' lives still hanging in the balance, these same networks would have suspended regular programming to cover every developing second of the disaster's unfolding events."

That was the case in New Orleans by Wednesday. Yet most networks continued regular programming.

Network execs, Towery says, "just can’t get a handle on the South."

"The South has been hit with the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. And too much of America didn't want to notice until it had to."

Congratulations to Towery for one of the biggest, most important essays written on the news business. Read the whole thing here: