The Golf Gene? Really?

August 21st, 2005 9:51 AM

John Tierney, who has taken over the retiring William Safire’s op-ed slot in The New York Times, weighs in today with a  column comparing golf to other Pleistocene interests of men. A self-confessed golf-hater, Tierney spends his 800 words ringing through a series of "men are from Mars" cliches. His sole insight, from a round of playing disc (or Frisbee) golf? Men like to look down on a savannah-like landscape and shoot something at it.

The bio for Tierney says, among other things, "Like Safire, Tierney writes from a conservative point-of-view; he has exhibited some signs of libertarianism." I haven’t seen much of his work. I hope the rest of it exhibits some signs of originality.