Keith Olbermann: Too Far Left for Gore's Current TV?

February 22nd, 2011 6:50 PM

Just how far left is MSNBC? According to the New York Post, Keith Olbermann's new employer, Current TV, suggested he "veer a little to the middle politically."

That's right: MSNBC's former prime time star was too far left for the writers and producers at Al Gore's television network. Says a lot about the true blue cable channel, doesn't it?

As reported Monday by the Post's Cindy Adams, Olbermann had this to say on his recent departure from MSNBC:

"I don't really know why." Such reluctance disappeared when discussing his new job. "I start beginning June. Al Gore's Current TV, station 103 in Manhattan. My producers and staff suggest I even veer a little to the middle politically. No cut in salary. In fact, I'm in charge. I'm the news director. So I'll stay on one hour longer, but I'm in charge of that, too. If we're long, then I'm on a little more and the next show's a little short."