Kathy Griffin to Play Palin-esque Tea Party Candidate on 'Glee'

February 21st, 2011 6:14 PM

This is going to be messy. Kathy Griffin, Hollywood's favorite D-list vulgarian, will apparently be playing a Tea Party candidate loosely modeled on Sarah Palin in an upcoming episode of Fox's "Glee", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

What could go wrong?

Griffin discovered not so long ago that bashing Palin and her family can help prop up her sagging career - without controversy, Americans might just be asking, "Kathy who?" After this gig, though, it will be sheer comedy simply to see the lengths Griffin will go to mock the former governor.

Here are the few details THR reported over the weekend:

TV Guide confirmed that Griffin will play Tammy Jean, a conservative home-schooling Tea Party candidate rumored to be based on Sarah Palin, while Devine will take on the role of a stripper-turned-nun named Sister Mary Constance.

Griffin took to Twitter to announce the news. When asked if she would be appearing on the hit show she replied, "So excited!! It's true!!"

This is the same Kathy Griffin who said she would "like to push Sarah Palin down the stairs" and was heartily booed at a USO event after mocking Palin's daughter Bristol.

Griffin's lowlights also include calling Sen. Scott Brown's daughters prostitutes, and telling both Jesus Christ and "View" host Elizabeth Hasselbeck to "suck it."

In short, Griffin's appearance will be exactly what you'd expect from a Palin impersonator on "Glee".