Keith Olbermann Falsely Claims He Never Called 'Cocky' a Racist 'Code Word'

Sometimes Keith Olbermann struggles with reality. But he's apparently found a solution: insist that 2+2=5 and hammer with insults anyone who says otherwise.

That was his strategy today when he flatly denied he had ever claimed that "cocky" was a "code word" for various racist attacks against President Barack Obama. Shown video of him saying just that, he denied it some more, and then started in with the attacks.

In awarding six conservative pundits the coveted "Worst Person in the World" title in January, Olbermann said the following:

When there's a risk even in saying 'uppity' or 'forgetting his place,' the racist white guys revert to euphemisms and code words, and among the code words that they think they're getting away with are cocky, flippant, punk, and especially arrogant.

But Tommy Harris of the Right Sphere noticed that President Obama himself called Republicans "cocky" without eliciting so much as a peep from Olbermann. When called out on his double standard over Twitter, Olbermann claimed he had "never heard of that one" (make sure you check out Harris's post for some screenshots).


Shown the video of him clearly saying that "cocky" is a code word for more recognizably racist attacks, Olbermann just denied that that was what he said. He claimed that he "gave 'cocky' as an example of moderate insult to a Pres., compared to increasingly racial terms".

Called out on the disconnect between that statement and the segment in question, Olbermann did what he often does and went into attack dog mode with two tweets directed at Right Sphere editor Brandon Kiser:

@BrandonKiser Son, you're so out of your depth. Keep hiding under your bed.

@BrandonKiser Oh, sorry, didn't notice the "Daily Caller" association. I shouldn't have addressed you as Sonny. Should've written "Fraud"

Olbermann proceeded to block Kiser (full disclosure: Keith has blocked me as well).

If you were wondering whether Keith Olbermann is a hypocrite, wonder no more. If you want to know whether "cocky" is in fact code for more recognizable and offensive racial attacks, you'll have to ask Keith yourself. Just don't expect cordiality. Or a straight answer. 

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