Whoopi Goldberg to Ground Zero Mosque Protesters: 'Kiss My Butt'

The View's resident political sage Whoopi Goldberg offered her usual degree of intellectualism on Wednesaday's show, when she told people protesting against the Ground Zero mosque to "kiss my butt" and "get out of here."

Apparently fed up with Americans voicing their collective discontent with individuals and actions they find highly offensive, Whoopi stated (video below the fold):

The fact that there were protests on 9/11 really also irritated me. You know what, I don't have time to listen to your side or your side. This is about the people that lost their lives. That's why we're coming together. And the fact that y'all are fighting in the streets - kiss my butt, get out of here.

In a show of ostensible political neutrality, Whoopi did not single out either side of the debate, and made a point of claiming that she objected to demonstrations on both sides of the issue.

But if there were no opposition to the mosque's construction, there would be no protests in the first place. So in a sense, Whoopi was singling out and condemning Americans's objections to this mosque. Apparently she'd rather the mosque be built, and everyone just stop complaining about it.

We'll keep her position in mind the next time the View crew weighs in on some left-wing protest.

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