WaPo's David Weigel Again Exposed Trashing the Right He's Supposed to Cover

UPDATE - 6/25, 2:20 PM | Lachlan Markay : Weigel resigned Friday after the Daily Caller published a number of additional emails that put these to shame. Details here.

Many conservatives, including a number of NewsBusters contributors, have been skeptical of Washington Post blogger Dave Weigel since he was hired in March to cover the right. Time and again, those concerns have been vindicated as Weigel has ridiculed a number of conservatives and conservative positions.

It seems that the Washington Post has little interest in an objective blog-based approach to the news -- something this humble blogger has noted previously. Likewise, Weigel seems to have little interest in covering the right with an even hand; he has consistently shown his disdain for the movement and its members.

The website Fishbowl DC today published a number of excerpts of emails from Weigel to an email list created by fellow Post blogger Ezra Klein ridiculing various conservatives. He says he hopes Matt Drudge will "set himself on fire" and dubbed Tea Party protesters "Paultard[s]," a crude reference to Ron Paul.

Weigel also apparently does not appreciate being made fun of. After the Washington Examiner's gossip blog Yeas and Neas published a piece taunting his dance moves, Weigel called on members of the email list to refrain from linking to any Examiner content.

Weigel took heat in May for calling gay marriage opponents "bigots" and for stating on his Twitter account, "I hear there's video out there of Matt Drudge diddling an 8-year-old boy. Shocking."

NewsBusters contributor Dan Gainor called Weigel out on his inappropriate statements, noting that his new employment at the Post required a heightened degree of professionalism that he may not have been used to. Apparently that message was lost on Weigel.

As a reporter for an organization as prominent as the Post, Weigel should not be surprised when he catches flack for making unprofessional and inappropriate statements.

Weigel has taken to his blog to apologize for and defend the most recent comments. But his excuses really do not make any difference. The comments he is trying to defend demonstrate his hostility towards conservatives and conservatism. A journalist who reverts to name-calling and derisive criticism of those who is charged with covering cannot seriously claim to be covering them fairly.

"I feel [Weigel's] column often looks for ways that make conservatives look bad," wrote Gainor in March, "while his opposite number, the Post's Ezra Klein, is an open liberal and spends his time making the left look good."

Who knows, maybe that was the point all along.

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