Employees Petition MSNBC Hosts for Workplace Rights, Left-Wing Anchors Remain Silent

As much as MSNBC's left-wing prime time hosts portray themselves to be on the side of the workers, none of the anchors have responded to 10,000 petitions delivered to the network on Thursday from NBC writers and producers demanding more workplace rights.

Talking to TVNewser, Writers Guild of America East communications director Jason Gordon pointed out the hypocrisy of the liberal channel: "The company can't have it both ways – presenting the strong, progressive voices of the MSNBC hosts while at the same time depriving the [NBCUniversal] Peacock [Productions] employees of their own voices on the job."

This is not the first time MSNBC has been hypocritical when it comes treatment of its own employees. In a 2013 promo for the network, Now host Alex Wagner pushed for a hike in the minimum wage despite MSNBC refusing to pay its interns.

MSNBC has routinely backed such liberal policies while bashing conservative opponents:

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