NBC's Al Roker Yells Like a Groupie at Obama and Biden During Inaugural Parade

January 21st, 2013 5:10 PM

Like one of President Obama's adoring fans camped out along the inaugural parade route on Monday, during live MSNBC coverage of the event, NBC Today weatherman Al Roker excitedly yelled at Obama and later Vice President Biden to get their attention as they walked by. His hard-hitting question to the President of the United States: "Is the weather good?"



Obama gave Roker a thumbs up but kept walking. When Biden passed by, Roker pleaded for a handshake. After initially resisting, the Vice President jogged over and obliged. Following the brief interaction, Roker shouted into the camera: "Yes!" MSNBC host Martin Bashir applauded Roker's accomplishment: "The Vice President has just shaken hands with Al Roker of the Today show. He's done it!" Fellow MSNBC host Chris Matthews chimed in: "Well, Al finally got some attention, I love it."