NBCNews.com Slams Fox News With Offensive Cartoon Slideshow

***UPDATE*** [October 2, 11:50 ET]: NBCNews.com has apparently taken down the offenisve cartoon series, but it can still be found here (h/t TVNewser).

In a brazen attack on Fox News, NBCNews.com published a 15-image slideshow compiled by the website's political cartoonist Daryl Cagle ripping the cable channel. One cartoon shows a man sitting in a recliner with a remote as Fox News emanates from an elephant's rear end. In another, Fox was again depicted as an elephant, this time with a pile feces behind it labeled "Secret corporate money."

MediaBistro's TVNewser blog caught the sleazy display on the network news site, with writer Alex Weprin observing: "It is somewhat unusual for a news organization to publish such a sloppy item trashing a competitor."

In another particularly offensive cartoon drawn by Cagle himself, President Obama is shown nailed to cross, proclaiming "I'm not a Muslim!" as elephants dressed as Roman soldiers with Fox News logos emblazoned on their armor stand by, one urging the other to stab Obama in the ribs with a spear.

View some of the cartoons below:


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