NBC's Harry Smith Wonders if Rahm Emanuel Will Be 'First Jewish President'

In an interview with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel set to air on Monday's Rock Center on NBC, correspondent Harry Smith wonders if President Obama's former chief of staff will one day sit in the Oval Office: "They think that you're using this – Rahm Emanuel, first Jewish president." [Audio available here]

During a promo that aired Wednesday night on the broadcast network, the NBC announcer proclaimed: "No one and nothing stands in his way. Rahm Emanuel, a mayor with attitude running a city that needs it." [View video after the jump]

Back in June, ABC's George Stephanopoulos interviewed Emanuel and asked the same question as Smith: "But, you know, if you do a good job here, a lot of Democrats are going to be talking about you to run for President in 2016."

Stephanopoulos and Emanuel served together as aides in the Clinton White House, Harry Smith just wishes he did.

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