CBS Early Show Hosts Discuss Obama’s ‘Wicked Sinker’ Pitch

Russ Mitchell, CBS On Wednesday’s CBS Early Show co-host Russ Mitchell described President Obama’s lackluster first pitch at Tuesday night’s All-Star game in St. Louis: "And it appears President Obama has a wicked sinker." Mitchell referred to his colleagues in studio: "Somebody’s laughing over there, I’m not going to mention any names."

At the top of the show, even Obama fan co-host Harry Smith acknowledged the President’s poor performance: "Oh, golly. Talk about a pitch that’s going to be repeated over and over and over again." Smith did try to defend Obama, sounding a little like the father of an uncoordinated little league player: "He got it there. That's what counts."

Following Mitchell’s news brief, Smith pointed out the fact that one odd camera angle seemed to be more favorable to the pitcher-in-chief: "I would suggest it depends on the angle. It's all about the perspective from which you see that pitch...Now if you see it from back there at [St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert] Pujols' angle, it doesn't look so bad. From the other way, it doesn’t look so good." NewsBusters’ Tim Graham took note of the bizarre camera position chosen by Fox Sports.

Mitchell then repeated Smith’s earlier defense of the throw: "As you pointed out earlier, though, it made it all the way to the plate." Weatherman Dave Price added: "And presidents past have not been so fortunate." Price went on to declare: "He's just happy because he was wearing a [Chicago White] Sox jacket. And the Sox are represented well."

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