Clownshow: CNN Asks Blackface Governor Northam If Cuomo Should 'Follow His Playbook'

April 1st, 2021 9:02 AM

CNN continues to beclown itself as a news network, even bringing on Virginia’s own “blackface” governor to give New York’s scandal-embroiled governor political advice today, and it wasn't an April Fools' joke!

New Day’s John Avlon brought on Ralph Northam for a shockingly soft interview, which culminated in this actual question: "I’m wondering what political lessons you have learned from that experience and whether you think they should apply to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo." 

The CNN journalist started off by lauding Northam for “going the opposite direction” of states like Georgia, Florida and Texas by “expanding access to the ballot box.” Unlike New Day’s interviews with Republicans this week on their own election bills, Avlon didn’t grill the Democrat with criticisms of the bill. Instead, he gave Northam free rein to describe it as he pleased, pleading, “Tell us what this bill is and why you felt compelled to push it forward.

Afterwards, Avlon flattered the governor some more: “It's important because you're taking the opposite step, expanding access, prohibiting discrimination and restrictions, and it's a powerful counterexample, particularly from a southern governor.”



He asked Northam two more softball questions phrased as his he was working for Northam’s public relations office: “Tell us what impact [Biden’s infrastructure plan] could have on improving people's lives and business climate in Virginia if it goes forward?”

And a friendly question from the left: 

Let me talk about something else you’re pushing forward. An amendment to move up the date where marijuana would be legalized in Virginia….I'm wondering what you think about this contradiction between federal law and state law when it comes to marijuana legalization because currently marijuana’s still classified as a schedule I narcotic along with heroin. That creates legal jeopardy for folks trying to exercise their legal rights in Virginia. What's your take on that, and, governor, should that federal classification be changed? 

Finally, the most eyebrow-raising questions came. Avlon actually asked Northam to share his “political lessons” for Andrew Cuomo, after the Virginia Democrat was caught in old yearbook photos with a classmate in a Ku Klux Klan outfit and blackface in 2019:

Governor, before we go, two years ago, you were being inundated with calls for your resignation after decades-old photos in blackface were discovered. You apologized, you refused to resign, and you've gone on to pass very significant legislation as governor with high approval ratings. I’m wondering what political lessons you have learned from that experience and whether you think they should apply to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Northam proudly touted how his own controversy resulted in more progressive racial policies in Virginia: “We have turned a lot of what I've learned about into action, whether it be criminal justice reform, police reform, ending the death penalty, doing things like making sure that people don't have their driver's license taken away because they can't pay their court fines,” he explained.

Clearly trying to make the case that Democrats should forgive and forget with Andrew Cuomo as they did with Northam, CNN's Avlon pressed again:

“To be clear, do you think that Governor Cuomo should follow your playbook as some are calling on him to do, or do you think he should resign because of the allegations put forward?” he asked. Northam declined to answer saying that was up to the people of New York.

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