CNN: 'Un-American' Republicans Are 'Speed Dating' With Supreme Court!

September 22nd, 2020 5:49 PM

During CNN’s 2pm hour, host Brianna Keilar brought on two liberal lawyers to whine about President Trump moving to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, crassly likening it to “speed dating.” Keilar didn’t press her guests on any of their spin that left out inconvenient facts. In fact, her left-wing bias was so evident that even her liberal guest praised her biased coverage on the topic.

That compliment came at the very beginning of the interview, from President of the BLM and Kamala Harris supporting National Bar Association, CK Hoffler, who praised Keilar. “First of all, thank you all for your sort of progressive view on some of these issues,” she began. 

Hoffler was allowed plenty of time to push far-left conspiracy theories that the country’s biggest problem right now along with “coronavirus and police brutality” was “voter suppression.” She fretted that Ginsburg had protected voting rights of “black and brown communities” but now President Trump could replace her with someone who would reverse all that. She predicted, “This decision right now to put someone quickly in place will completely change the fabric potentially of this country to the detriment of many communities.”

Keilar didn’t fact-check this because CNN spreads this left-wing voter suppression conspiracy themselves every election cycle. Instead, she threw softballs.

She asked her second legal guest, Duke University law professor Neil Siegel, a former clerk of Justice Ginsburg the open ended, “What issues do you think could very much be changed?”

Siegel worried that the court was too conservative already. Like Hoffler, Siegel sowed fear about a court becoming “hostile” to voting rights and civil rights. 

Keilar wasn’t there to give any pushback even though that’s what CNN does with any conservative guest. Doing her part for the Democrat party, she asked Hoffler, “I wonder, CK, do you have concerns about the speed of this confirmation?”

Her guest claimed Republicans were “taking away democracy” and it was “un-American” to “rush forward” a nominee now because they couldn't allegedly be vetted in time.

Keilar asked Siegel the same question. He also criticized Republicans and President Trump for “speed dating,” with the Supreme Court. Keilar gushed, “Good analogy!” as she wrapped up the interview.

This is nonsense. Does anyone believe that Democrats would ever consider anyone Trump nominated no matter how much time there was? Not to mention that one of the leading contenders, Judge Amy Coney Barrett was grilled by Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017 and was already facing criticism by the media when she was on Trump’s shortlist for the Supreme Court in 2018.

CNN also misled viewers by pretending there was no precedent for quick confirmations. Ginsburg herself was confirmed in a mere 42 days from her announcement, as well as former Justices John Paul Stevens who was confirmed in an even hastier 19 days, and Sandra Day O'Connor, who was confirmed after just 33 days.

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