‘View’ Rewards Biden VP Hopeful Baldwin With Easy Interview

June 25th, 2020 1:23 PM

Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) appeared on Thursday’s The View, where she received almost entirely softball questions, despite being a contender for Vice President in the November election. The only question that was the exception, was co-host Sunny Hostin insisting a black female should be Biden’s choice instead.

This is at least the fifth candidate on Biden’s VP list that’s auditioned on the show. As she always does, Whoopi Goldberg showered praise on their Democrat guest before asking if she would take the job:

We are living in historic times right now, and we are joined by someone who has made plenty of history herself as the first openly gay member of the Senate and the first woman to win a Senate seat in Wisconsin. Please welcome Senator Tammy Baldwin. Welcome to The View, Senator Tammy Baldwin. Rumors are flying that you have been interviewed at length as a possible pick for Joe Biden. Is this a job you're interested in taking? Would you take it if it was offered? Does it scare you at all? 

Joy Behar also spent time gushing over Baldwin being the first openly homosexual senator, calling her a “pioneer” and asking how she achieved her “incredible goal:”

So senator, you are a pioneer in the fact that you are the first openly gay senator, and now I find out the first woman also. All this month, the country is celebrating pride month. Tell me how you did it, and what kinds of challenges did you face in achieving this incredible goal of yours? 

Behar followed that up with asking about the recent LGBTQ Supreme Court case. She cheered the “big win” and if Baldwin was “surprised” at the “amazing” turn of events, where Trump-appointed justice Neil Gorsuch sided with the liberal justices.

Meghan McCain’s question was more neutral than her co-hosts’ contributions, but it was still phrased in a way to let the senator easily make her pitch for Biden. Pointing out how Trump won Wisconsin in 2016, McCain asked, “How confident are you that enough voters have changed their mind to prevent Trump from winning again?”

Sunny Hostin pressed Baldwin from the left, as she’s asked every candidate and surrogate of Biden’s, to make sure that a black woman is chosen instead. But she even started off her question by praising the senator, saying she was “a big fan,” before suggesting Biden should choose someone else: “Do you agree that choosing a black woman would be appropriate and important at this moment in our country?”

To conclude the interview, Behar allowed Baldwin one more chance to praise Biden. She asked the senator to comment on the Democrat candidate holding a virtual DNC convention, versus President Trump “packing an arena full of people into whatever state will have him.” 

Just like in prior interviews, the VP hopeful wasn't asked to comment on the candidate's controversies and she didn't have to answer any questions about her own extremely liberal political record.