Vile: CNN, MSNBC Favorite Rick Wilson Wishes Melania Catches Coronavirus

March 19th, 2020 8:07 AM

While the media has long whined that Trump was threatening violence against journalists by calling out fake news, actual threats from their own anti-Trump circles often gets ignored. Case in point: Never Trumper and frequent cable news guest Rick Wilson’s sick tweet against the First Lady, Wednesday.

Replying to news that Melania Trump would be appearing in coronavirus PSAs, the ex-GOP strategist who often appears on CNN and MSNBC, tweeted that he hopes she gets infected with the coronavirus:



Besides cheering for the First Lady to fall ill, Wilson has also openly wished for a recession that would destroy the economy and Americans’ livelihoods just to diminish President Trump’s re-election chances. He's also wished violence on the Trump administration, and fantasized that Trump would get stabbed or hit by a car.

Let’s not forget also, this is the same person who mocked Trump supporters on CNN as “boomer rubes” and laughed hysterically with Don Lemon over how stupid they thought his voters were.

That segment forced a "clarification" from Lemon but not an apology. As of Thursday morning, Wilson’s tweet still remains on Twitter. Will CNN and MSNBC cut ties with Wilson or force him to apologize? It remains to be seen.