Sunny Hostin: Sanders Is 'Reaction’ to ‘Far Right’ Republicans Beholden to ‘Dictator’ Trump

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While The View co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain have bonded in recent weeks over their dislike for Democrat 2020 candidates Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg, on Monday's show, Hostin revealed she really blamed the “far right” Republican party for Sanders becoming the Democrat frontrunner.

The blame game started when Meghan McCain argued Sanders’ rise was emblematic of how far left the Democrat party has become:

Bernie leading in the way he is right now, or at least garnering this huge momentum of populartiy, it's very honest. For conservatives, this is where I think Democrats are at, I think the era of the moderate Democrat is long gone, I think it’s full socialism all day long and at least we know now as conservatives that it's going to be the squad, AOC and Rashida Tlaib. Look how popular he is.

As Joy Behar started to protest, McCain pointed out that her co-host named her dog after Sanders.

But Behar defensively claimed she was just “joking” when she said she was “aroused” by “hot” Bernie. Not only that, she was “never all in” for him in the 2016 election because she thought Clinton was a “shoo-in.” Really, so why did she “joke” about this, not once, but twice? Besides naming her dog after Sanders, she also downplayed his radical agenda, urged him to run again in 2018, and apologized for asking him “tough” questions.

Regardless, co-host Sunny Hostin was eager to shift criticism away from the left. She jumped in to rant that it wasn’t the Democrats’ fault for embracing the far-left, but “far right”” Republicans had driven them to Sanders when they supported “dictator” Trump:

We're seeing a reaction to what we have seen in the Republican party, because the Republican party of yesteryear is gone. What we have now is the Trumplican party, right? We have this, I don’t know, party that no one even recognizes anymore, that's so far right, that is so out of bounds, we got this dictator really that's completely untethered in the White House and a party that's completely supporting all of that to remain in power, now we have folks who I think on the other side, Democrats that are saying we want someone like Bernie. We want somebody to completely shake everything.

Her co-host Whoopi Goldberg disagreed, unconvinced that Sanders was going to be the nominee, as they cut to commercial.


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