'View' Host Hostin Denies She's a 'Crazy Liberal': I'm Actually 'Socially Conservative'

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In a head-scratching moment on Wednesday’s The View, far-left co-host Sunny Hostin claimed she was “shocked” when critics called her a lefty because she was actually “socially conservative.” Hostin made the comment as the hosts were discussing a poll which found a majority of black Democrat voters identified as moderate and conservative.

Hostin responded to the story:

I wasn't surprised at all, and I'm often shocked when I get all these tweets and emails calling me this lefty crazy liberal and lefty, lefty, and I'm like, so you're calling a former federal prosecutor who was tough on crime who was raised Roman Catholic a lefty. Like I'm pretty socially conservative, have always been. I'm pro-life has always been and say it all the time, yet I'm always called a lefty.

Her proudly “crazy liberal” co-host Joy Behar, tried to make Hostin own up to her liberal beliefs on abortion.

“We disagree with you when you say you're pro life because you’re really not! You’re pro-life for yourself because if you're pro-life you don't want anyone to have an abortion!” Behar argued.

Hostin didn’t like Behar telling her “what I am.” While reiterating she was against abortion, she still believed that America’s “ideals” meant you had to be pro-choice:

“[B]ut I also believe in the fundamental ideals of this country. I don't tell other people what to think or what to do. I believe in freedom of thought. But I also -- which is what our Constitution tells me,” she claimed.

Hostin added that this poll showed why black Democrat voters are aligning with Joe Biden “because they consider him to be a moderate.”

Her liberal co-host Whoopi Goldberg also tried to jump on the bandwagon and claim she was also “conservative” on some issues.

I think people who decide to paint anybody with a broad brush needs to step back. We, like you all, come with different ideas and feelings. Some things I'm conservative on. Some things I'm liberal about. We, like you, want the best for the country and will vote as we see fit, but a pew poll is not going to dictate or tell me what I am because they're telling me. The only person who knows what I am is me.

On the abortion issue, Hostin and Whoopi have tried to irrational claim that being pro-choice meant they were pro-life, before. In May of 2019 Hostin told her co-hosts that she was a “different kind of pro-life,” the kind who didn’t believe in restrictions on abortion but was against guns and the death penalty. In June of 2016, Whoopi claimed, “we’re all pro-life” but she wants abortion to be accessible to everyone.


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