Humorless Journalists Eagerly Decry Meme of Trump Awarding Dog Medal, Fake News

October 31st, 2019 2:12 PM

The media, who is so eager to bash President Trump at every turn they can’t even give him credit when he kills a murderous terrorist, also can’t seem to take a joke. Wednesday morning, Trump retweeted an obviously photoshopped image, of himself placing the medal of honor around the canine who chased down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the raid in which he was killed. The medal had a dog paw on it and was made by conservative outlet The Daily Wire.


Just about every major media outlet beclowned themselves by panning the tweet, from The New York Times to the Washington Post to ABC News to USA Today to The Hill, to The Guardian and others.

Self-important journalist Jim Acosta let everyone know that he did some investigating, and the dog was not at the White House for this picture:

Washington Post reporter Alex Horton was also on top of this important story. He actually contacted the Daily Wire to ask if they had altered the original image. When the Wire’s editor sarcastically responded to the stupid question, Horton ignored his response in his write-up, instead complaining about Trump’s “weird flex:”

Huffington Post White House correspondent S.V. Date complained it was fake news by a “propaganda” site (wait, isn’t that the Huffington Post?):

Steve Herman, Washington correspondent for the international outlet VOA News, also was eager to reveal the photo wasn’t real:

While Politico and New York Magazine contributing editor David Freedlander took the tweet as seriously as he could:

Really showing their desperation, the New York Times even sought out the original medal recipient from the 2017 photo, who was not offended but laughed at the recreated image, much to the media’s disappointment.