McCain Gushes Over Lib Journalists; Trashes Conservatives Blaming Media As Crazy

September 30th, 2019 1:37 PM

The View lately has turned into five hosts parroting the same liberal ‘view’ point instead of just 4 hosts doing that. On Monday’s show, the hosts were unified in their disgust for Republicans and conservative media pundits who went on cable news this weekend to question the whistleblower complaint, after new details have come forth. Meghan McCain was more angry than her liberal colleagues, raging that Mark Levin, Lindsey Graham and others were behaving “hysterically” while she simultaneously praised liberal anchors like George Stephanopoulos as reputable journalists.

After laughing at a montage of conservatives on television this weekend defending the president, co-host Sunny Hostin started to say something nasty about Lindsey Graham before quickly censoring herself. She also mocked conservative talk show host Mark Levin as someone who was no longer respected:

I mean Lindsey Graham looked like he was about to have some sort of -- I don't know what was going on with him, and then you have Mark Levin, you know, who is really part of the Reagan administration who used to be pretty well respected. I don't know what was happening with him. 

Her co-host Meghan McCain jumped in to heap praise on the journalists who were combative with these conservatives.

“Shoutout to people like Jake Tapper, Ed Henry, Chris Wallace, George Stephanopoulos for really doing their jobs this weekend and holding their feet to the fire!” she gushed before moving on to her main point, that these conservatives and Republicans were on the losing side, for blaming the media:



“But I will say when you are bringing up the deep state, when you are blaming the media, you're already lost, and any campaign if you are blaming the media, it means, like, one of the wheels has fallen off,” she lectured. So now media bias is just a right-wing conspiracy?

McCain went on to argue that any conservative going on television to question the details of the whistleblower complaint was wearing a “tin foil hat.”

Displaying her total lack of self-awareness, she then angrily complained that if the hosts of The View behaved as these conservative men did, they would be labeled “hysterical bitches” and “fired:"

MCCAIN: If any of the women on this show behaved the way some of the men were behaving, we would be hysterical maniac crazy bitches all over the internet, and these guys get away. [applause]

SUNNY HOSTIN: They have come undone! They have come undone.

MCCAIN: The way some of these men are being covered and the way we’re covered in the media, I was furious. I was, like, if any of us went on TV dropped [bleep] Screaming into the camera in, like, this direct way with props behind us, we would all be fired!

The hosts ended the segment bringing up the Biden campaign telling the media to not let Rudy Giuliani on their shows. Whoopi suggested Giuliani be “fact-checked” in real time as President Trump is, on CNN.