CNN Rewards Disgraced FBI Leaker Andrew McCabe With Contributor Gig

August 23rd, 2019 12:26 PM

CNN seems intent on destroying any credibility they have left with the public. With three of its personalities, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and April Ryan all facing scandals for their behavior off-camera, and the network firing two of its few remaining conservative commentators, network execs thought it was the perfect time to add a disgraced leftist government official on as contributor.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy announced early Friday morning that the network had hired ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as a contributor. McCabe, as you remember, was fired by the FBI for leaking information about the Clinton Foundation investigation to the media, then lying about it under oath.

The news was met with a lot of mockery on Twitter.


McCabe made his debut on CNN’s New Day Friday morning, where co-host Alisyn Camerota quickly noted that McCabe had been fired by the FBI, two weeks before receiving his pension. She did not mention why he had been fired.

The irony is, this happened just one day after host Brian Stelter complained that Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders were getting media gigs, or “fame and privilege” as he put it:


McCabe seems like just the kind of beacon of integrity CNN is famous for giving “fame and privilege.” Michael Avenatti, anyone? How about Lanny Davis?

Not to mention if Stelter is going to complain about ex-White House officials going into the media, maybe he should call out his own network’s hiring of former Obama administration officials Jim Sciutto, John Kirby, James Clapper, and David Axelrod, among others.