Mitchell Blows Up at ICE Director Blaming Parents for Coming to Country Illegally

August 13th, 2019 3:11 PM

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell has dropped any pretense of being an objective journalist and embraced her role as a Democrat activist. That was never more apparent than on her Tuesday show today, where she lashed out at the acting ICE director for daring to blame the parents who come to America, illegally, for being separated from their children.

She began by playing the media’s exploitative video of a young girl who was crying because she had been separated from her father during last week’s ICE raid. Gushing over the “gripping” clip, Mitchell went on to play a segment of a hostile interview between NBC correspondent Gabe Gutierrez and acting ICE director, Matthew Albence.

In the clip, Gutierrez asks Albence if he’s seen the clip, before immediately pulling out his phone to force Albence watch the entire video (he’s already seen) in awkward silence. Gutierrez then asks, What would you tell that little girl?”

Despite this being an unfair question, Albence answers with empathy, but points out to the clueless NBC reporter that it’s the law enforcement agency’s job to enforce the law and this kind of tragic situation happens in other situations as well, such as domestic violence cases. He added that her parents shouldn’t have come here, illegally:



 However, we have to enforce the law. Every law enforcement agency enforces the law against individuals who have broken it. The parents or the individuals that are breaking the law are ultimately the ones that are responsible for placing their children in this situation.

Mitchell couldn’t contain her anger at the ICE director for saying the parents were to blame: “Gabe, I was watching that. I don't know how you kept your cool, because the parents are to be blamed for breaking the law?!” she said, aghast.

With a scowl, the MSNBC host kept ranting about how unfair and wrong this raid was, especially after hispanics had been “terrorized” by a mass shooting, just the week before:

First of all, there was no enforcement discernible, enforcements against the employers. The timing of the raid has been questioned. The insensitivity of proceeding with the raid the same day as the El Paso visit by the president to comfort a terrorized Hispanic community after what happened in El Paso just days earlier. And yes he's a law enforcement officer, but why didn't they contact Mississippi child services in advance? Why didn't they bring in HHS?

Gutierrez said he “pressed him” on some of those charges but he pointed out that as a law enforcement agency, the investigations are still ongoing and they couldn’t give advance notice because that would defeat the purpose of an unannounced raid.

“It's just incredible,” Mitchell raved, adding that she was shocked that President Trump had praised this as a successful deterrent to people coming here illegally. “[I]n fact the President was asked about this by Kristen Welker on Friday. He said that they were happy about the deterrent value!” she exclaimed.