'View' Hosts Excited by 2020 Dem's 'Free' Cash for Life Promise: 'Game Changer!'

July 8th, 2019 2:38 PM

Another Democrat running in the 2020 election for President, Andrew Yang, was a guest on ABC’s The View Monday. As per usual, co-host Sunny Hostin only wanted to know how far left the Democrat, was willing to go, pressing him on issues like universal healthcare and reparations. Strangely enough, co-host Joy Behar was skeptical about Yang’s “monthly dividend” plan, saying it wasn’t a long-term solution, while her liberal co-hosts were all on board with it.

After the hosts asked Yang some neutral questions, Behar asked him to explain how he was going to pay for the promised $1000 a month for every American from age 18 to their death:

“What?! That would cost $3 trillion. Where is this money coming from? What is the point of it really? They say if you give a man a fishing line, he can fish. If you give him one fish, he'll just eat that one fish. Something like that...So you hand someone $1,000. What good is that?” she posed, sounding more like a conservative.

Her co-host Sunny Hostin tried to defend the free cash promise. “It's a game changer though for people that are struggling!” But even Behar wasn’t buying it.

“I know it's a bit of a game changer, but it's not a long-term solution. Come on!” she said rolling her eyes. McCain jumped in to point out this was increasing the deficit for her generation, to which Behar quickly snarked was the fault of Republicans.

After commercial break, Hostin pressed Yang from the left on universal healthcare, on whether Democrats should impeach President Trump, and if he supported reparations, which led to another discussion on his monthly cash dividend plan. This time he explained that it would be funded through taxing large corporations like Amazon and Google.

However Behar wondered why white people should get this money: “Why should rich, white people get $1,000 a month?” she asked.

“The great thing is it will remind them they're still an American,” he said chuckling to Hostin’s agreement.

Co-host Meghan McCain addressed Behar’s point. “Sir, I don’t need--no one at this table needs an extra $1000 a month.”

“No, we could give it away,” Behar pointed out. Hostin and Whoopi encouraged that idea.

“You could give it away to charity,” Hostin agreed.

“I mean when there are still veterans on the street,” McCain started to point out before the other hosts jumped in to encourage the “free” cash idea.

“You could give it to charity,” Yang and Whoopi echoed the sentiment. “But that’s what you could use it for,” Whoopi added, as McCain rolled her eyes.

It’s empowering!” Hostin gushed.

Whoopi added, “It reminds you you’re an American. It’s not just about what you do for yourself, it’s about what you do for other folks.” The hosts then moved on to another topic.