Joy Behar Praises Castro as 'Gentlemanly' 'Civilized' While Demanding He Attack Trump

June 27th, 2019 1:39 PM

Democrat 2020 candidate and former Obama cabinet member Julián Castro came on ABC’s The View Thursday following last night’s Democratic debate, to receive softballs and high praise from the liberal hosts. While Meghan McCain pressed him on his support for open borders, co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar lavished praise on his performance and didn’t critique any of his far-left policies.

Sunny Hostin began by fawning over Castro’s “drop the mic” moments:

“I thought you had so many drop the mic moments last night. I'm a fan, but immigration I thought was one of the biggest moments that you had last night,” she gushed, asking him to elaborate on how he differed from Beto O’Rourke on immigration policies.

Joy Behar also only had nice things to say to the Democrat. She claimed Democrats were so “civilized” compared to Republicans, and “gentlemanly,” before questioning why Castro didn’t go after Trump:

I thought that it was so civilized last night, you know? Especially compared to the way the Republican primary was back in the day where he was -- Trump was calling people names and they were just awful, and I was wondering, how come you guys were so civilized last night and why you didn't go after Trump more? You didn't even go after Biden or Warren -- they are the front runners. You didn’t go after Trump. You were very gentlemanly like. Even the women. So what do you say to that?

Castro welcomed the host’s admiration, and claimed that he would behave the same debating Donald Trump. “We're not going to beat Donald Trump by trying to be Donald Trump,” he argued.

But Behar kept egging him on to attack Trump, a weird thing to say since Castro frequently attacks Trump on Twitter:

“I agree with that, but your base would like to hear you take on Trump in my opinion. Take him on and say how horrible he is. We want to hear it!” Behar gushed.

“Well, I did say -- I did say in my closing statement, we are going to get to say adiós to Donald Trump,” he reminded the host to audience applause.

Hostin followed that nauseating exchange by praising Castro’s “reproductive justice for the trans community” point he made in the debate, asking him to elaborate and educate viewers to the “nuance” of why trans men (ie: biological women) need access to abortions too.