Eager Avlon Uses School Shooting to Push for Cory Booker's 'Bold' Gun-Grabbing Plan

CNN saw nothing wrong with using a tragedy to peddle a Democrat's controversial policy plan, on New Day, Thursday. Senior political analyst John Avlon eagerly touted 2020 candidate, Senator Cory Booker’s vast gun-grabbing proposal, calling it a “bold” plan where even “thoughts and prayers can’t seem to help.”

New Day anchor John Berman tied Booker’s “ambitious" plan to the recent school shooting, setting the stage for Avlon to do his analysis explaining why they were excited by Booker's proposed plan.

Avlon began by reminding viewers of the frequency of school shootings, calling it an “American epidemic” that was “getting worse.” He complained that our leadership hasn’t “summoned the political will to stem the bleeding,” until now. Gushing that Booker was a “notable” exception, Avlon gave the Democrat free promotion:

It is notable the first big picture gun proposal has been put forward by a 2020 candidate. Senator Cory Booker has laid down a sweeping plan he says will help end the gun violence epidemic in America. The heart of the proposal is a national program requiring people to get a license to buy and carry a gun like people are required to have a license to drive a car. A person would be fingerprinted and complete a certified gun safety course before taking possession of a firearm. The license would be renewed every five years. A similar program is put in place in Australia and Canada. Also in states like Connecticut where gun killings fell 40% after a permit to purchase law was implemented.


Avlon ever so briefly touched on the conservative concerns about the Second Amendment and a federal gun database. He expressed more concerned that Booker’s plan would have trouble getting passed in the Senate or be upheld in the courts. Glossing over criticism, Avlon continued hailing the Democrat’s radical plan as a way to win voters:

But it's bold and may help Booker stand out in the crowded field to help stem the tide of gun violence in our country which is spilling not just in schools but places of worship where even thoughts and prayers can't seem to help. That's your reality check

Nowhere in Avlon’s analysis did he explain that Booker, like Democrat Eric Swalwell, supports a federal gun buyback program that would jail gun owners who did not hand over their firearms.

Afterwards, New Day co-anchor Alisyn Camerota cheered Avlon’s report. “John, I'm glad you focused on that. We don't have to live this way. We don't have to send our children to school every day not knowing if they are sitting ducks for a school shooter that day,” she stated.

It’s hard to imagine CNN doing a similar segment hailing a Republican candidate’s policy plan on any issue.

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