Joy Behar Gets Emotional Over Biden: Remember When People Didn't Look at America 'in Horror?'

April 25th, 2019 2:09 PM

Joy Behar might as well have been wearing a Make America Great Again hat on Thursday’s The View, as she passionately hailed Joe Biden’s “patriotic” 2020 presidential video announcement. Not to support President Trump of course, but because of her wistful longing to get America “back” to when “we were the good guys.” 

The View co-host couldn’t stop gushing at Biden’s video announcement, in which he claimed he would be the one to bring America back to its Constitutional ideals, unlike Trump who was taking us away from them. Joy Behar loved the video, calling it “touching” before getting back to her usual anxiety-ridden self, wailing about how we used to be “the good guys” but now the world looks at us “in horror.”

I'm so touched -- I'm moved by that video that he did. I mean I'm so old. I remember all of that. Not Iwo Jima, but I remember since then. You know, our uncles were in Normandy. Our fathers were on the beach. We were the good guys and now we're not. Now we’re not. People look at this country in horror and say what happened to America? It breaks my heart. I love that he's doing it he’s-- taking this tack. It's not just about policy right now. He'll get to that. But America, look at this and say do we want this America back or don't we? Basically that's what it comes down to.

Her co-hosts were in agreement. Meghan McCain, was conspicuously absent both today and yesterday with no explanation given by her co-hosts. It is rumored that McCain will come out supporting Biden instead of Trump in the 2020 election. Biden is set to appear on The View tomorrow.

Co-host Sunny Hostin hoped a Democrat like Biden could heal the “hate and division” Trump had supposedly caused. That prompted Behar to fret about the irreversible “damage” Republicans have done to the country under Trump, putting “extreme white guys” in the court system:

"I worry a little bit that a lot of damage has been done already. [Mitch] McConnell has installed all these extreme white guy judges that are going to be there for life. The Supreme Court is loaded again," she sighed.

Whoopi Goldberg tried to console Behar by reminding her about all the diversity that is coming in Washington because of the 2018 midterm elections. Abby Huntsman tried to push back, telling her the country’s been through “much harder times” than we were going through now. But Behar couldn’t be persuaded that these weren't America’s darkest days.

We’ve never had a president this bad!” she gushed.