CNN's Navarro Tells Fed Workers: Rack Up Bills at Trump Hotels, Refuse to Pay

January 25th, 2019 12:02 PM

The mood at ABC’s The View alternated between sheer glee over Roger Stone’s arrest Friday morning, and anger over the government shutdown. Friday co-host Ana Navarro gushed that furloughed workers should essentially dine and dash at Trump property hotels to show their disgust for the administration.

After playing clips of various Trump administration officials downplaying the shutdown’s effect, co-host Joy Behar sneered that they were “out of touch,” comparing Trump’s daughter-in-law to Marie Antoinette. Co-host Sunny Hostin deemed that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross probably hadn’t been to the grocery store in a long time because of his wealth so he can’t relate to furloughed workers:

“[N] ow he has appointed people in his cabinet like a Wilbur Ross who is an uber millionaire, billionaire who has never necessarily been to the grocery store for---whenever,” she exclaimed, before criticizing Ross’s comments.

“Neither was Trump!” Behar added. Ana Navarro jumped in to offer her free advice to furloughed workers, which sounded similar to the immature advice offered from liberal director Michael Moore:

Listen, I have -- there are 800,000 federal workers. I have a suggestion for these federal workers. Since Donald Trump says that people will know them and will work with them, I think federal workers should show up at Trump properties, eat and eat and eat and eat and then say to the people when the bill comes, you know, the President said he'd work with me. I'm here to eat for free and get room and board for free!

“At Mar-a-Lago, they should work with them!” Sunny Hostin snarked.

“Trump Hotel in Miami, Trump D.C.,” Navarro added.

“Doesn't the White House serve fast food anyway?” co-host Abby Huntsman snarked, referring to the Clemson football team.

Joy Behar then repeated a long-lived lie the media fabricated about George H.W. Bush as if really happened, in an attempt to bash President Trump:

I remember when George Bush Sr. got into trouble because he didn't know how to go to a grocery store. And I remember when Obama got in trouble because he was wearing a beige suit. I mean, this man [Trump] has been -- the sins and the crimes, I can't even list them and he gets away with it. It's appalling. It's appalling.