'View' Goes Nuts Over 'Rock Star' 'Superhero' RBG Film: 'She Has a Cape' 'Shoots Lasers Out of Her Eyes!'

The liberal ladies at The View predictably went nuts on Thursday’s show over the new Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic out in theatres entitled “On the Basis of Sex.” Co-host Sunny Hostin, an ABC legal analyst was particularly enthusiastic, running out of adjectives to describe how much she loved Ginsburg and the film to stars, Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer.

Talking about the film’s premiere in D.C., Jones, who plays Ginsburg, remarked that “rockstar” Ginsburg, “loved” the film and came on stage to meet her, wearing “leopard skin boots!” At that Hostin gushed, “She’s so sharp!”

To co-star Armie Hammer, who plays the justice’s feminist husband in the film, Hostin and co-host Joy Behar called the liberal icon a “superhero:”

HOSTIN: So, I loved the movie. The legal geek in my definitely did. You say that it's a superhero movie.

ARMIE HAMMER: Yeah, kind of. Look, she has this kind of aura and status.

HOSTIN: She like has a cape.

HAMMER: Yeah. What I loved about the movie more than anything is that you see the human behind it which makes it more accessible. This isn't a woman who flies or shoots laser out of her eyes. This is a woman who changed the world just by using her brain and I love that.

BEHAR: She does shoot lasers out of her eyes. [laughter]

HOSTIN: Amazing.

Hostin touted Ginsburg’s workout routine, lamenting that she had recently broken three ribs when she fell. “Political stakes are pretty high right now without the notorious RBG,” the co-host bemoaned.


As the table and stars agreed Ginsburg was “tough,” co-host Abby Huntsman gave her own fawning question.

I can't imagine having to prepare to play that role, to play RBG. She's such an inspiration to so many people. How did you study for that role? How did you prepare for it?” she asked.

Jones explained how “tremendous” it was to get to play Ginsburg in her younger days and meet her in real life, saying she tried to really transform herself for the role. Hammer praised the liberal justice as well, saying that she had “an incredible presence” and is “dedicated” to her work.

Joy Behar noted that she got to meet Ginsburg once and listen to her describe what she does and how fascinating it was. Jones agreed, saying, “she’s brilliant!”

“She's a hard worker,” Behar agreed, moving on to talk about how things were different for women in the 1950s, when the film is initially set. Discussing how it was common for women to have to apply for credit cards in their husband’s names, Jones gushed, “The world was against her every step of the way!” as Hostin agreed, exclaiming, “Unbelievable!”

Nothing was mentioned about Ginsburg’s liberal politics, though you know that would’ve been the center of the conversation had this been a movie about a conservative Supreme Court Justice.


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