Joy Behar Slams Country Music Awards for Not Attacking Trump: 'Emergency...Everybody Should Be Speaking Up'

November 15th, 2018 12:53 PM

Thursday on ABC’s The View, co-host Joy Behar slammed Wednesday night’s Country Music Awards show for staying out of politics. As nearly every entertainment awards show has made itself part of the resistance against President Trump, Behar was sorely disappointed to see this was one show where Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned.

After co-host Abby Huntsman praised the artists for being humble people, Behar immediately was critical.

“I think I'm overreacting to this but I believe that everybody should be involved in politics right now. I really do. I don't believe that you get a pass just because you're a performer,” she ranted. Whoopi pushed back, saying “not everybody wants to watch it on television,” and even she didn’t like to bring up politics in her own performances. But Behar was adamant, insisting that the country was in a dire state of emergency and everyone was obligated to speak out against the president:

“My personal belief is that we are in an emergency. The democracy is at risk, and everybody should be speaking up, everybody,” she raved. Whoopi pointed out that people “voted” to fulfill that duty of resisting Trump.

“I'm happy for that,” Behar acknowledged, before touting that she, unlike the country music artists, was willing to take a financial hit in order to be loudly anti-Trump.

“I know that if I stayed neutral I would make ten times more money than I earn, to tell the truth, but I make the decision to speak my mind and give my opinion. [ Applause ] That’s what I believe should be done,” she lectured.

Though Behar didn’t mention it, the CMAs has dumped on Trump before, though not to the extent that other awards shows have gone. They’ve also went after Democrats like President Obama and Hillary Clinton.