'View' Asks Democrat If She'll 'Fight' If She Loses Because of Republicans Suppressing Votes

With just one week before the Midterm elections, The View brought on media-hyped Democrat candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams of Georgia, to tout her party’s highly misleading claims that blacks are being denied votes in that state due to her Republican opponent, Brian Kemp. In fact, the only host on the show to press Abrams on her actual policy positions was right-leaning Meghan McCain.

Leading up to Abrams’ appearance, the narrator and co-hosts hyped the claims of voter suppression by Kemp multiple times. It was the first question asked by co-host Whoopi Goldberg as well:

“The race for Georgia governor is in the national spotlight since Republican candidate Brian Kemp was sued for voter suppression,” Whoopi began, introducing Abrams, explaining that she was calling on her opponent, who is also Georgia’s Secretary of State, to resign after an investigation found that he had stalled 53,000 voter registrations with mismatched names. Abrams characterized this as an abuse of power, saying he did the same thing in 2016.

Co-host Sunny Hostin jumped in to help Abrams with her party’s misleading claims, citing examples the media has fixated on recently:

It's not just the exact match system. There seems to be unprecedented voter suppression in this race because I have been following it very closely. It looks like in October, the NAACP filed a complaint saying that voting machines were incorrectly registering votes for Kemp as opposed to you by 30%. Also senior citizens -- they were on a bus,from a senior citizen center, were pulled over by local officials and removed and the Jefferson county administrator defended the removal arguing that the bus hadn't been authorized to take the seniors to the polls. Now President Carter, former President Carter has weighed in. He sent a letter to Kemp asking him to resign to foster voter confidence. Your race is so tight now. You're in a dead heat. Are you confident this is going to be a fair election, and do you plan to fight if you lose the election?

Abrams said she planned to win the election fairly, and further smeared her opponent as an “architect of voter suppression.”

Huntsman got straight to the point, asking, “Do you think that Kemp's efforts -- do you think they are racially motivated?”

Abrams went around the answer, calling it “problematic” for Kemp to be “injecting racial bias into our system” and that by showing an I.D. it was an unnecessary “hurdle.”

McCain in got one question pressing Abrams on her anti-gun policies. Saying she had been endorsed by several anti-gun groups, she asked if she “supported taking away the AR-15.”

Abrams denied she was anti-gun or anti-Second Amendment before admitting she wants to take away AR-15s. McCain then asked the logical follow-up, asking if that meant there would be a state-wide roundup of the guns then, which Abrams didn’t directly answer.

Finally Joy Behar, forever fixated on Trump, asked Abrams if he was “partly” responsible for the synagogue shooting." Abrams again didn’t directly answer, saying the only person she would blame was the shooter, but all leaders need to “account” for how they’ve “contributed” to fear mongering over “invaders.”

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