‘Non-Practicing Republican’ Nicolle Wallace Urges Voters to Flip House, Senate for Democrats

October 26th, 2018 10:11 AM

MSNBC Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday evening where the former Republican operative urged voters to vote Democrat to flip the House and the Senate to protect the country from President Trump.

Wallace also claimed the media was too afraid to blame President Trump for the recent series of suspicious packages mailed to prominent Democrats.

Meyers began by asking the MSNBC host about Trump’s reaction to the packages, saying that by attacking the press he was “escalating” the situation. Wallace agreed saying that the press’s “timidity” to call out Trump’s “anger” was the real problem:

So, we cover anger in society. And the person creating anger is oftentimes the president. And I think there's a lot of timidity in the press to call out that which is right in front of our eyes,” she gushed. Wallace added that it was obvious Trump was at fault for these Democrats being targeted:

We put together -- we just looked at the month of October. Donald Trump has attacked all of the people who received pipe bombs at rallies this month. So I don't believe in coincidences anymore. And I don't think we can ignore the climate that he's contributed to.

The “non-practicing Republican,” urged voters to vote Democrat these midterms to keep President Trump in “check.” She also complained the GOP was no longer the party she used to be a part of, adding that the “values” changed with Sarah Palin and the Tea Party:

MEYERS: You referred to yourself as a non-practicing Republican right now because the Republican -- [ laughter ] Because the Republican party has drifted away from what I believe were the values that drew you to it. And these were the ‘isms’ such as nationalism. Is this something that you saw coming at any point? I mean, is there something that happened with Donald Trump or is it something that was trending this way and he took advantage of?

WALLACE: You know, it was something that the people I worked for tried to push against. It was something that Sarah Palin dabbled in. She talked about President Obama palling around with terrorists. I mean, she started the grievance -- and I saw it. And I saw that her crowds are big and louder and more animated by her speaking to their grievances. Speaking to their nativisms. Speaking to their feeling of being angry about immigration and other issues. But John McCain didn't embrace any of those. And that's probably why ultimately the two of them ended up not on the same page.

Wallace laughed hysterically at Meyer’s question asking if she’d ever vote Republican again. She then invoked viewers to flip Congress for Democrats to “restore” the “checks and balances” on Trump:

[A]nd I think more often than not, people that have seen American presidents up close and know what the conduct is supposed to be like will ultimately decide that a check on this administration is urgent. I think it's really important that Democrats take over the house and/or the Senate. I think that any White House is improved by having a check and a balance. This White House more than any other.