Only Meghan McCain Presses Klobuchar on Democrats Failed Hit Job on Kavanaugh

View co-host Meghan McCain was the only one at the table on Thursday’s show to call out their Democrat guest, Senator Amy Klobuchar, on her party’s failed hit job against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. McCain also pointed out how that Senate hearing has hurt Democrat chances in the upcoming midterms.

Before this, liberal co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar slammed Republicans for the “so-called” FBI investigation and promoting the idea that men could be “victims” too.

Hostin started by reiterating that no evidence or witnesses were needed in Ford’s case for her to be “believed,” then asked if the senator was “surprised” by the narrative that Kavanaugh was a “victim” of this hearing:

Before you were a senator you were a prosecutor. So you know legally that a victim of sexual assault does not need corroborating witnesses or evidence to have her be believed. But somehow -- and to prove an assault. But somehow what's been very interesting to me is the national conversation that resulted from Dr. Ford's testimony is that men are the victims in this and that Kavanaugh was the victim, Justice Kavanaugh was the victim. Are you surprised by that?

Klobuchar said she was, because Kavanaugh “ended up with a pretty good job on the Supreme Court,” before listing her reasons for “believing” Ford, most of which has been contested or debunked already, such as the lie detector test and therapist notes.

Joy Behar followed up by asking what she thought about “that FBI investigation, ‘so-called?’”

That’s when Klobuchar made her first call for voters to use the Kavaugh hearings as motivation to vote Democrat in the Midterms, slamming Republicans as sexist:

[I]t was very narrowly defined by the White House, and so we weren't able to follow up on leads and things like that. But I think, Joy, the issue here with this behind us now is what do we do about it, right? We are three weeks before a major national election. So if you didn't like the look of those 11 men sitting on the other side not even asking her a question, then go vote.

As the audience applauded, Meghan McCain finally called her out on how Democrats made the Supreme Court confirmation political and how that backfired on them:

Senator, on that point though, the confirmation of Kavanaugh really seems to have awakened a lot of the Republican base. It's even being called the Brett bounce in a lot of states. Heidi Heitkamp, sort of swing areas it has-- it's polling right now even in my home state of Arizona more towards the Republican. Is it conceivable that Democrats may have misplayed their hand or could they have done or handled anything differently in that hearing in general?

Even after she had just used the Kavanaugh hearing to motivate Democrats, Klobuchar denied that Democrats had ran a smear campaign against Kavanaugh, saying, “This wasn’t a hand to be played,” but was about listening to victims:

KLOBUCHAR: First of all, good question. But this wasn't a hand to be played, right? She came forward and we had--

MCCAIN:I'm not talking about her, I’m talking about the Democrats.

KLOBUCHAR: It is what happened and when you're in a position of power and something comes forward at the last minute, what do you do? Do you sweep it under the rug?

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