Wow: The ‘View’ Argues for More Deportations, ‘Like Obama’

On Tuesday's The View, the panel talked about Trump's border policy yet again, this time actually arguing in favor of more deportations, if you can believe it. Because, Obama!

After host Sara Haines talked about how she can't believe anything Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says, giving examples of times she said inaccurate things, host Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin began by making the immigration debate about race.

“Since you brought up Norwegians, I was thinking if this were Norwegian kids, would this be happening to them?” Behar asked.

Hostin shook her head and agreed with her provocative statement. “Probably not, probably not,” she stated.

All the hosts agreed that this was a bad policy and bemoaned how cruel it was to the children. Host Meghan McCain pointed out that several Republicans, like Ted Cruz, were speaking out against the policy saying it needed to be changed. That led Whoopi Goldberg to say this was an “American” issue, and compared it to the Civil Rights movement, saying the illegal immigrant kids were the “face” of injustice, similar to blacks being hosed down by police in the ‘60s:

A lot of folks on the right, a lot of Republicans do not like what's happening. They don't like what they're seeing and what's great about it for me, this is how things change. When you put a face to something, I remember when I was a kid we only had three networks and one you had to get if you were on like a treadmill. But you saw what was happening down South with people getting hit with water hoses. You saw children getting hit. You saw adults getting hit because they wanted to go and vote and people started to say, well, how would I feel if I wanted to vote and I couldn't. I feel like these visuals of us seeing these children being separated and seeing the children separated is going to help us as Americans. Whether you're left or right, as an American, this has to piss you off. This should piss you off. [ Applause ] I mean, this is beyond -- this is beyond left, right, center, middle. This is an American issue.

As per usual, the liberal hosts at the table had no problem flipping positions on a contentious issue, if Obama did it. Whoopi and Hostin both agreed it would be better if we deported the children instead:



WHOOPI: I mean, because we say Obama was able to deport a whole bunch of people, more people than anybody else as president. But he didn’t separate the families, so you can deport without doing this!


WHOOPI: Think about it, again, Obama was able to do this -- and by the way --

BEHAR: And George W. Too I believe.

HOSTIN: Obama was the deporter-in-chief!

WHOOPI: But he did not do it this way.

As the audience clapped and Whoopi cut to commercial she made one last call for doing the “right” thing: “Again, it's not left or right or center. This is American and this is wrong!” she gushed.

Arguing that illegal immigrants should have more rights than American citizens is pretty commonplace on The View. Back in February, Whoopi and Sunny Hostin angrily ranted about Trump ending DACA, bemoaning how unfair it was to not continue this Obama-era program for illegal immigrants.

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