Joy Behar, Meghan McCain Clash on ‘View’ In Fiery Fight Over Republicans

February 9th, 2018 1:44 PM

Friday on The View, the most liberal host and most conservative host clashed repeatedly in a feisty exchange over the domestic violence accusations against former White House aide, Rob Porter. While host Meghan McCain focused on Porter himself, host Joy Behar couldn’t help but bitterly gripe about how terrible Republicans and this administration were, which angered McCain.

Behar began the segment by mocking General John Kelly’s response to the accusations laid against Porter. “Kelly says that he was shocked, shocked I tell you!” Behar quipped sarcastically with a grin on her face. “Why is Kelly so shocked, shocked I tell you?” Behar said again, smiling with her fists in the air, as the audience chuckled. McCain wasn’t having Behar’s sarcasm over the serious issue.

“We shouldn’t make levy [sic] of this. We’re talking about the abuse of a woman. I mean look at that photo,” McCain said as the pair talked over each other.

“We’re talking about Kelly, we’re not talking about abuse right now. Don’t say something like that!” Behar angrily shot back.

But the pair weren’t done fighting. “We’re laughing and this is serious,” McCain responded. But Behar denied she was making light of the situation. “We are laughing at him being shocked,” she quipped back.

“It’s very serious and as a Republican, I’m offended--” McCain started to say before a fired up Behar cut in.

As a Democrat, I'm offended by Republicans!” Behar said emphatically, as the audience roared in approval and claps.

Host Sunny Hostin tried to bring some civility back to the table.

“Look, look ladies -- let's talk about the issue at hand,” she urged. Turning to guest host, and fellow attorney HLN’s Nancy Grace, Hostin suggested that Kelly “didn’t believe the women” until he saw the photographs.

“Even if he believed it he wasn't going to do anything about it,” Behar gushed.

“People need to start believing women. Starting with this administration. And I think that's what we're so surprised at. You know?” Hostin said turning to McCain.

Trying to get the conservative host on the Trump-admin-bashing-bandwagon, she wondered if McCain would be upset to learn that no one told Hope Hicks, whom Porter is allegedly dating, about his past of domestic violence, even though her ignorance on the matter is pure speculation.

"I don't think this should be political. I don’t think this should be about Democrats and Republicans,” McCain responded.

She went on to say that no one should be working in the White House without security clearance and so some of this scandal was self-inflicted. Still irritated by Behar’s earlier outburst, McCain sniped at Behar, “You're offended by Republicans. So all Republicans, probably everywhere, offended by me sitting here because I'm Republican.”



That resurrected the fight. Behar shot back,“I'm offended by a party that backs a racist!” as some in the audience clapped.

“Oh, my God,” McCain said, rolling her eyes, disgusted. But Behar was disgusted as well.

“Oh, c'mon, Meghan. 72% of the Republican Party thinks he's a good role model,” she replied.

McCain then told Behar that she was actually going to be appearing on Van Jones's CNN show soon, where was “looking forward” to talking civilly with people she disagreed with politically and “not being told just because I'm a Republican I'm offending you.”

She continued, “We are not going to move a needle one way or another just throwing out platitudes and hubris like that. I would like to have a real conversation about it,” she said as Behar tried to talk over her. Sarcastically, Behar quipped, “Oh really? We’ll see.”

Flabbergasted, McCain declared: “I don't know why you're sitting here saying you're offended by all Republicans! I’m trying to give you my perspective,” she began to say as Behar interrupted.

“72% of them are backing a racist and somebody who has abused women. That's why. That's why,” she ranted.