Media Melt Down Over Trump Tweet: 'Scary' 'Revenge Porn' Tweet Will Get Us 'Killed'

This past weekend a fan of President Trump took an old video of Trump participating in fake television wrestling, put CNN’s logo in place of the person Trump was pretending to fight and made a gif out of it. Trump then retweeted the gif, to the media’s dismay. Predictably, journalists took to Twitter to spin this flippant tweet as a violent threat against all journalists. CNN journalists took it the worst of course, but went overboard with the hyperbolic predictions of whatever significance a silly gif could have.



CNN contributor Sally Kohn added this insanely inaccurate pinned tweet:

While Kohn and regular contributor Paul Begala said the tweet was license for Trump’s followers to commit violence against journalists:

And apparently even CNN hosts believed it. Anchor Brooke Baldwin:

CNN’s “Republican” analyst Ana Navarro:

Others in the media also overreacted on Twitter. Such as David Frum from the Atlantic:

Mother Jones’ David Corn:

Greg Sargent, Washington Post:

NBC’s Kasie Hunt:


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