CNN’s Camerota Scoffs at Being Called Out for ‘Collusion’ Agenda: ‘I Don’t Have a Version of Events!’

Even though the media has been pushing hard the Russia-Trump collusion narrative for over six months now, CNN is still denying that the media has any agenda on the matter. Despite the investigation turning up no evidence, CNN has been particularly obnoxious in ignoring this fact.

On New Day Tuesday morning, host Alisyn Camerota scoffed after former George H.W. Bush White House Chief of Staff, John Sununu, accused her network of reporting their own “version of events” that assumed collusion, without showing any evidence that actually transpired.  

After Camerota’s co-host Chris Cuomo called stating the facts of the case “sabotage,” just last week, Camerota continued carrying the anti-Trump torch. The tense interview with Sununu escalated after he called out Camerota for reporting on her “version of events” that relied on “hypotheticals.”

After she berated the former governor of New Hampshire for not being “concerned” enough about possible “collusion,” Sununu asked Camerota outright: If Mueller comes out and says my version is correct and yours isn't, how much crow are you going to eat?”

An offended Camerota responded, “I don’t have a version of events!”

JOHN SUNUNU: I'm not even sure what would have happened. First of all, Putin wasn't there. Look, you're asking hypotheticals on hypotheticals.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Well I'm trying to actually take your temperature. I’m trying to gage your comfort level with all of this.

SUNUNU: My comfort level? The only discomfort I have is with folks in the media trying to create a veniality without having the courage to specifically tell me what the veniality that I should be concerned about is. I have not identified a veniality. Have you?

CAMEROTA: Well. You should be concerned if there was collusion and that’s what--

SUNUNU: I don't see any evidence of collusion. Do you?


SUNUNU: Okay. So that should end your reporting right there.

CAMEROTA: Well, but we're at the beginning of the investigation.

SUNUNU: You should put an exclamation point right there, after ‘No.’

CAMEROTA: Understood. But we’re at the beginning of the investigation. So what--

SUNUNU: You're seven months into the investigation.

CAMEROTA: Not exactly. Robert Mueller has just taken over.

SUNUNU: So it is a new investigation?

CAMEROTA: Well no, look that's not exactly fair, governor. As you know, congress people have been calling for--

SUNUNU: The Obama investigation went on for the last --

CAMEROTA: A special counsel to do this, to handle this so it gets away from all the partisan bickering. It’s just starting in that regard.

SUNUNU: Can I ask a question? If Mueller comes out and says my version is correct and yours isn't, how much crow are you going to eat?

CAMEROTA: Governor, I don't have a version of events.

SUNUNU: Of course you do. The whole half hour I’ve listened to you is a version.

For the remainder of the interview, Camerota talked down to Sununu, as if what he was saying was completly irrational. Clearly fed up, Camerota snarked:

CAMEROTA: Governor, we appreciate your perspective that there is nothing to see here and that the investigation is, I don't know, silly.

SUNUNU: Politically motivated by folks trying to rationalize a horribly run democratic presidential campaign.

CAMEROTA: Governor John Sununu, thank you very much.

SUNUNU: Nice to be here.

CHRIS CUOMO: They're certainly doing a better job coordinating messaging on how to deal with the investigation.  

This pomposity from Camerota and Cuomo comes on the heels of CNN insisting that Jared Kushner committed “treason” and then having to walk that back shortly afterwards.

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