Delusional Hostin Blames ‘White-Lash’ on ‘Most Qualified Candidate Ever’ Losing

May 3rd, 2017 2:17 PM

See if this makes any sense to you. America votes for a black man for President, two election cycles in a row. Along comes a former First Lady, senator, and secretary of state, rife with scandals and baggage, who fails to win two presidential election cycles in a row (and just happens to be white). To the radical liberals on ABC’s The View, apparently, that means she lost due to “racist” backlash against the black president who won two elections already. What?

Co-host Sunny Hostin made this absurd accusation in a heated debate Wednesday between moderate co-hosts Jedediah Bila and Sara Haines, and liberal hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin. The panel was discussing Clinton’s interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour where she blamed FBI director James Comey and Vladimir Putin for losing the election. Hostin, Behar and Whoopi adamantly defended Clinton’s excuse-making, saying these were the reasons why she lost the election, while Haines and Bila said they were “disappointed” that Clinton still didn’t seem to “get it.”

An angry Hostin cut in to Haines and Bila’s reasoning to tow the Clinton line that she “won more votes” so that means she should’ve won, if it weren’t for that pesky FBI investigation:

HOSTIN: She won 3 million more votes than Donald Trump did. So her message was out there. People wanted to vote for her, and the bottom line is the FBI was investigating trump's Russia ties since July, and they only mentioned that this March, yet they mentioned it in October --

Haines interrupted to defend herself as a Hillary voter.

HAINES: I'm a Hillary Clinton supporter, but what I'm saying is I was disappointed by the interview. At this moment, what he needed so say, was we missed the mark in a lot of ways. There were things we needed to hear, and it shows me in this interview, she might still be missing it.

I don’t know she missed the mark,” Hostin continued to deny Clinton bore any responsibility.

Hostin then went on to say something even more ridiculous, agreeing with CNN’s Van Jones that a “white-lash” was one of the reasons Clinton lost:

HOSTIN: What cost her the election is FBI Director Comey, what cost her the election, in my humble opinion is Russia's hacking and what cost her the election is if you look at the stats, people -- this was -- I agree with Van Jones in a sense, this was a “white-lash.” There’ve been studies. 20% of people voted because of racism, and I think after eight years of a black president there was no way that this woman was going to win. There was no way.

Afterwards, Bila brought up the obvious, that Barack Obama was elected twice before this and that Clinton being a bad candidate was why she lost. Hostin took umbrage at that and declared,

“She was the most qualified candidate for president that we have ever had!”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Hostin later on defended voting for Clinton simply because she was a woman.

Later in the segment, Bila complained that she was attacked for “betraying her gender” by not voting for Clinton. Whoopi argued back that, that wasn’t something liberals would attack her for. Sunny Hostin then proved Bila’s statement, asking But why not vote for her because she’s a woman?” before the segment cut to commercial.